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Ikaika Nakoa

Ikaika Nakoa



I'm Ian Moe, CEO of Paradise Media

As a newspaper owner myself (We own Philadelphia Weekly), I understand the challenges of running an independent publication:

Ian Moe

CEO Paradise Media

My Story

Unfortunately, the challenges have been too great for many and since 2004, over 1800 newspapers have closed in the U.S. But what if there was a way for you to leverage the asset of your newspaper’s website to bring in considerable revenue with little-to-no extra work? If it sounds intriguing, you may be interested in partnering with Paradise Media. We pay over $5 million per year to publish content on news sites such as Mercury News, LA Weekly, and SFGATE. Last year, we attracted over 100 million site visits!

Here's how it works

We create high-quality content for your site and place links to our partner advertisers in the articles. We then pay you to simply publish the articles – we pay per article – and your paper makes money! What do we get out of it? Frankly, we’ve discovered many news sites have very high authority in search engines like Google. By combining our proven SEO knowledge and your valuable domain, the articles we write for your site can rank very well and drive advertising revenue for us. I hope you will consider partnering with Paradise!


We Write

With 150+ writers, we produce over 5,000 high quality articles per year in varying verticals such as health, dating, finance, iGaming, and more

You Publish

We make it easy! We do the SEO research, provide the content, images, titles, URL. No heavy lifting on your end

You Earn!

We pay per article or in some cases, can offer a revenue share based on our earnings

We partner with

over 100 publishers in the U.S. and around the world

Some of our most popular news partners are:


What forms of advertisements are you looking for?

We are looking to do sponsored post articles that appear in your feeds. The format would be a listicle / ‘top 10 list’ style like these examples.

  • The Best CBD Oil for Anxiety, Stress, and Depression in 2022 –
  • 15 Best Dating Sites in 2021 –
  • 13 Best Background Check Sites & Services –
We prefer 2500-4000 word articles. Much of the success of the article comes from it showing in Google when people search for the topic. Because of this, we prefer a longer word count of 2500+ words which Google has stated they prefer as it gives readers in-depth information on the topic.

Yes, in some cases, this will work as long as our articles are not placed behind a
paywall and Google is able to crawl the article.


If you’re interested in partnering with Paradise Media, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact our team today!

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